Maa Samaleswari Educational & Welfare Trust

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Maasamaleswari Education & Welfare Trust is a non-profit organization that aspires to change lives by empowering rural people. An equal opportunity to serve free education in a technical base to rural people by some education scheme and institutions. Maasamalewari Social Education & Welfare trust seeks highly motivated and the qualified individuals to engage with us in areas such as rural transformation, feeding, development and education. Maa Samalewari Education & Welfare Trust has significantly contributed and made measurable progress towards its vision of an inclusive rural youth moving well beyond its business activities. Our team contributes to a positive social impact through diverse community engagement initiatives led by Mr. Vikrant Pujari with trust members and team. Maasamalewari Education & Welfare Trust was set up in 2015 to provide free Technical education, skill education by the support of P.I.E.T(Purushottam Institute of Engineering & Technology), PMKVY and some others who support us to provide impetus to variation philanthropic initiatives of trust. The effort of our group has already reached thousands rural student by giving free education to higher levels of technical courses a degree level in P.I.E.T. Serve Skill Education support by PMKVY institution. The trust is currently focusing on great changes in the areas of rural developments, education, and feeding , etc.